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Provide superior level customer services and business support to customers. Contribute positively to the team’s work efforts, under the instruction and management of the Supervisor and/or Manager to ensure optimal levels of productivity at all times.

1. Receive, comprehend and be able to communicate instruction from management.
2. Manage work activities assigned in line with time lines and objectives set.
3. Provide daily continual and structured feedback to management on all work activities, team issues and or office related issues.
4. Learn and apply all IT tools and systems required to complete the job in hand.
5. Learn and apply and communicate product knowledge to expert levels.
6. Learn and apply and communicate transit times knowledge to expert levels.
7. Learn and apply and communicate booking related knowledge to expert levels.
8. Learn and apply and communicate track and trace knowledge to expert levels.
9. Learn and apply and communicate complaint handling and claims handling knowledge to expert levels.
10. As identified by management, produce and analyse reports and data in line with company requirements (be that on company systems or Microsoft Office tools or other systems).
11. Liaise with Office Manager to ensure office equipment is in full working order and regularly maintained at all times. Equipment includes office fax, phones, PCs, printers, stationery provisions etc.
12. Monitoring email address hourly and ensure tasks are managed in a timely manner.
13. Assist with the maintenance of the intranet folder data, ensuring correct content, use, and distribution of information within it.
14. Assist with the development of procedures and processes in conjunction with Supervisor and/or Manager.
15. Assist with monthly checks of all local dial in telephone numbers setup and liaise with John on any issues.
16. Escalate customer issues from self, team or customer in a professional manner by receiving and communicating the information to the Supervisor and/or Manager. Act as Supervisor and/or Manager instructs to reinstall the customer’s faith in company and avoid further escalation to claims
17. Adhere to all standards and procedures to ensure that business effectiveness and customer service quality remain at a superior level
18. Handle any other business tasks assigned by Supervisor and/or Manager in line with instruction given. This profile can be reviewed and enriched at any time.


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