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1. Fees are payable in full on receipt of invoice.

2. If a candidate accepts a position and subsequently leaves or is dismissed for any reason whatsoever within twelve weeks, Peach will, on a best efforts basis, furnish additional candidates to meet the job specification, provided that payment has been received within the specified period. Should one of those candidates accept a job offer, there will be no additional fee charged. Should no suitable candidate be available, refunds as outlined in our Scale of Fees, will be returned by Peach, provided that payment has been made within the specified period.

3. Peach will not accept responsibility for any accident to person, equipment, data, information and any consequential loss however caused either directly or indirectly to any person during the course of employment of permanent staff in client companies. Client companies are responsible for supervision, management, insurance and control of permanent staff during the period of their engagement, and are responsible for the provision of a proper place and safe system of work and the fulfilment of all other obligations imposed by law for the safety, health and welfare of the candidate other than those specifically imposed by law on Peach. The Client Company shall fully indemnify Peach in respect of any cost, liability or expense imposed on or otherwise incurred by Peach (including but not limited to an award of damages by a court of law) in respect of any personal injury or damage to property sustained by the candidate while on the Clients premises, or elsewhere, if in the course of carrying out the requirements of the Client, even if such cost, liability or expense is attributable in whole or in part to any act or omission by the Agency.

4. If a candidate introduced by Peach to a company or organisation is not offered a post or refuses a post with that company or organisation at the time of introduction and subsequently accepts any post, within twelve calendar months of the introduction, with that company or organisation, then that company or organisation is liable for the full fee relevant to the gross salary offered to that candidate.

5. Details of candidates presented to a client on a short-list will be submitted in confidence, with the knowledge and approval of each individual. The Client Company hereby undertakes not to disclose information about any candidate to a third party or make copies of documents, without the individuals permission and to return all documentation and candidate profiles to Peach.

6. Any job offer to a candidate supplied by Peach is on the understanding that the Client Company has satisfied themselves as to the competence and suitability of that candidate for the job specification in question.

7. All candidates placed by Peach will be removed from the Peach live register and only replaced on the register at the request of the candidate and then only if the candidate has left the Client Company, or has served more than 4 years with the Client Company.

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